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Become an Official!

Registration for boys lacrosse officials training classes is now open.
There is a very high demand for boys lacrosse officials. Junior officials—officials still in high school—can make $200 or more in a weekend during the spring and up to $500 a week in the summer. Adult officials can make $700-$800 per week in the spring and close to that much in the summer.
All questions about training and registration should be directed to UMLOA Training Manager Bou Gazley at
Training for new officials
If you have never officiated before, see
New officials who are freshmen, sophomores, or juniors take Level 1 Training. New seniors and new adults take Level 1+ 2.
After registration
Once you complete registration, you will log into the UMLOA online training site at (and not the similar-looking site, which is used for registration).
Course content is being updated for 2016 right now, so there is nothing you can do after logging in just yet, but material will be released as it becomes available. 

FAQs from prospective officials are posted at
FAQs about payment are posted at
If you have questions about how the online training works or if you are having problems with it, see
-Harold Buck
UMLOA Past President and Lacrosse Assigner
MBSLA Vice President
UMLOA Website:

Women's Officials Training

To become a women's lacrosse official, sign up here.