• For sticks there is such a wide variety to choose from.  Coach Ed usually has a variety of sticks of different styles that he lets the players try out.  It really comes down to a few factors;
  • Type of pocket ( the strings and material in the head that cradles the ball).  The girls pocket shouldn't feel or look like a tennis racquet.  When it comes to the pocket of a stick Coach Ed can always help with that as he strings and repairs pockets for the girls.
  • The Profile of the head should have some sort of angle to it towards the top.  The STX Crux line of heads is one of the most popular in the game because of this angle.  The more angle there is the more hold can be produced in the pocket.
  • The Shaft - there are 2 sizes of shafts 1" and 7/8".  There is all sorts of materials used for shafts from aluminum to carbon fiber. This is purely up to the player and what feels comfortable to her.  

Here are some links to some decent sticks





Dick's Sporting Goods in Minnetonka carries a decent stock of sticks as well.