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Buffalo Youth Lacrosse Club - Buffalo, MN

Buffalo Youth Lacrosse Club provides lacrosse development and competition for boys and girls in grades 1-8. Participation is open to all Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose students and to students in neighboring communities without a youth lacrosse program.


YOUTH GIRL PLAYERS GOGGLES MUST HAVE THE MARKING:  ASTM-F3077 or ASTM-F3077-17 are the acceptable wordings as long as they are associated with the SEI logo.  SEE GIRLS TEAM PAGE FOR DETAILS AND LIST OF APPROVED GOGGLES.

Free!! Mouth Guard Event to All youth and High School Player

 Postponed - TBD

@ Minnesota Orthodonics Rogers Location

13690 Rogers Dr. Ste 100 Rogers, MN 55374

Consent Form Must be Signed and brought with player!

See below for form




Lacrosse Parenting 101....

As sports parents, our view of lacrosse is from the sidelines. There’s not a lot we can do about what goes on during the game – in the field, from the coaching box or in the team huddles – but there are several ways we can help improve youth lacrosse as a parent.

1. Keep our sense of humor.  Find the fun in our child’s game instead of worrying about how many minutes they play or how many points they make.

2. Turn a deaf ear. To enjoy the game, we must ignore trash talk, and if we can’t, we need to choose our sideline location carefully!

3. Develop a thick skin. If we cannot turn a deaf ear to the ignorant and senseless remarks we hear,  we better develop a thick skin, one that is not overly sensitive to the rudeness of others.

4. Learn to tame your tongue.   We must not coach our child from the sidelines. It’s distracting to them, undermines the coach, and puts pressure on your child to perform up to your standards.

5. Zip our lips. If you can’t say anything nice about a player, don’t say anything at all.  Someone is always listening. 

If you can follow these five guidelines, you’ll make youth lacrosse a better game!